You are the master of an exotic eggs shop. Use your rule book and the right potions to hatch as many eggs as you can. How many will you be able to open before the day ends?

Project presented for the #45 WeeklyGameJam.


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I really like this game, and see it going far.  The graphics and game play are really fun, but totally feel MUCH too complex for starting.

Though, if you just spam the white potion, you get some Eggs to hatch, even with it being useless.  And I got high score just spamming white (was curious how it worked). 

If you take this further (it is rather fun and I suggest you do!).  I suggest that you start with just a few colors of potions, and a certain amount of eggs in a day (10?) - so you get 100% of eggs in 30 secs of day if you get all eggs for the day and get bonus for extra time left.  

If you had a sign with rules that build as you go - So maybe level 1 is three colors of potions and three egg colors.  Then day two, spots show up on one egg color and need a different potion combo and then day three add a new potion color/egg color.  So it can be like SIMON where the rules get more complex as you add colors and types of eggs (spots/vertical stripes/horizontal stripes/wavy stripes/two tone eggs/two tone eggs with spots/stripes) and if the color match rules grew, you could learn basic ones and keep building your knowledge.  Hope that makes sense.  (And since you are hatching so many different dragons, more eggs are coming your way and as they mate more different types of dragons! :D)

So Day one  - start with Red, Black and White potions  (all colors are examples - see below)

Blue egg - red potion

Yellow egg - black potion

Red egg - white potion

Then Day two - Red, Black and White potions

Blue egg - Red potion

Blue egg/ Blue spots - Red potion + white Potion

Yellow egg - black potion

Red egg - white potion

Then Day Three = Red, Black and White potions and Green Potion

Blue egg - Red potion

Blue egg/ Blue spots - Red potion + white Potion

Yellow egg - black potion

Yellow egg/Yellow Spots - Black potion + Green Potion

Red egg - white potion

And if you make the color rules "random" so maybe one game is Red, Green, Orange and another is Black, White, Purple to start could make it very re-playable. 

Sorry for the long post, but this really got me excited and I think it is a great game. 

Wow, I don't even know where to start... You are amazing and thanks so much for this!

This is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for as a game designer.

I actually intended to leave this project as is but you inspired me to make something more out of it.

Indeed, I struggled a lot making the game more approachable without killing the challenge, and your insight gave me a lot of ideas in that regard. I love your suggestion of easing out the player with fewer options at the beginning and learning new patterns and mechanics as they advance in the game.

I thought of adding a penalty for broken eggs to avoid the potion-spamming, but I think I liked even more your idea of making limited eggs and reward speed instead. I think I will try both and see what works best.

The white potion thing was intended as an Easter Egg, btw hahaha. I'm glad that you tried all possibilities there.

The truth is that you've seen much more future for a project like this than I did. And that's definitely something I want to learn from. Thanks again for taking your time!!

You are very welcome.   I am very glad it helped.

I am glad that I inspired you, that is awesome, cause I see this being quite a fun fleshed out game.  

As a writer, I have learned the value of putting a story away, then coming back to look it over with fresh eyes later.  I have done that with Game Jam games I have created, look at them some time later, with the new learning that I have under my belt to see how to keep the parts and build a better game.  Sometimes others see the pieces in your work that you miss.

Also, the speed vs number broken, can easily be types of rounds.  Some rounds are you have a limited number of eggs (Dragons just are not feeling the love), others your patron gives you a limited amount of time (I don't care how many eggs you break, I need 15 dragons by nightfall.  So get cracking!).  So best of both.

I really look forward to watching this grow.

I just updated the game applying some changes and adding a feature or two.

Definitely I see more potential now, although I'm very busy and I don't know if I'll be able to continue exploring all these possibilities in the near future.

In any case, those changes have been heavily inspired by your sugestions, so thanks a lot!

Just played and that is awesome!  Love the update, really allows the game to easily grow.

The win screen was kind of confusing, it sad Game Over, and I wasn't sure if it was or not - since it allowed me to play the next level.  But, I REALLY like the update, and it definitely a better game.

I hope you find time to keep developing it, but TOTALLY understand the issue with not enough time!

Wish you best of luck, and will be watching for updates and other games from you.

The graphics and the concept are good :)
But the difficulty of this game is really really REALLY complicated. Even with a summary sheet I messed up soooo many times.... You should add a summary picture on the game screen. And also black potion is too difficult to see...

Yes, I struggled getting the difficulty right. I didn't want to make the game too straightforward and I ended up going too much in the other direction. I will take it into account for my next projects.

Thanks a lot for your feedback ^^

PS: Actually, it was my first time doing pixel art, so I'm really glad that you liked it :P